Ahh wow! This is amazing, I really love your style!

Hello, traveler
The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness about the pesky spammer known as Shauna Duggan / Shauna Marie Duggan / blueivysaur on YouTube.

All her current Deviantart spam accounts have been banned/deactivated/abandoned but we will remain vigilant and keep our eyes open for more. Given her fondness for copy and paste it is only a matter of time before a new shauna182 pops up.


Did your artwork receive a comment from a user calling themselves “blueivysaur“?
Did they tell you how amazing your artwork is and how they love your style?
Did they tell you “You must have spent ages working on it! Please keep it up!”
Did they introduce themselves as “Shauna, an Irish YouTuber” and they’re new to this site?
Did they prompt you to go check out a video of theirs and then ended the message with “I’ll be following your pieces from now on, hopefully we can be pals.”

Congratulations! You’ve been hit by a not so very smooth spammer with a not so very impressive tactic of obtaining subscribers. “blueivysaur” is anything but new to the site as her copypasta crusade has been going on for years.






electralolita (deactivated)

RKN-KiD (deactivated)

Forgot you already posted a comment, Shauna?

dukuMONSTER (deactivated)dukuMONSTERspam

xZumba (abandoned)
xZumba spam


azure–mermaid (deactivated/banned)


shauna182 (banned)


Other account aliases

shaunadugg (banned)
sd101592 (banned)
shauna101592 (banned)
mermaidfromthebog (banned)
shauna1015 (banned)
3blueblueblue3 (banned)
iShaunax (banned)


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